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Adventure time is like a krabby patty. If you don't like it, then you clearly haven't tried it yet.
Just now I went trough something I thought I never would, not even ever experience. Creepy has hell.

Me and my mom were out in the garden, building something, when suddenly we heard this strange, loud noise coming from..The town, perhaps. Or from the mountain, maybe, we don't know. Sounded like sirens. I looked at her in a confused way, but she just kept looking after the noise.

"It's the alert"


It was alarming us about incoming planes, she said. Air raids.
Then I felt something deep down inside me. Some kind of fear I never have felt.
We went inside, and she googled it, because maybe it was just a test. But we had not heard of anyting like that.
Anyways, she found that it had been a test. Had. In may. My fear was growing, and I actually expected planes to come through the clouds, ready to drop the bombs. The sun, which had just been there, was now blocked by all the clouds, and suddenly, the wind became stronger. Leaves and flower petals and other stuff like that flew outside the window. We turned on the radio. After some rubbish about local news, they began talking about the alert.

It was just a test.

Shit I haven't felt that kind of fear before. And now I'm laughing of joy, just to be alive, hahaha!
The worst part about this is that I'm reading this fanfiction about Simon Petrikov (… I really recommend it if you're a fan!), including just those elements of nuclear war, incoming planes and stuff...I instantly tought of that fanfic when I first learned what kind of alert it was.
Well I never thought I would write a journal entry, but...Hahha I didn't expect the plane alert in our town to go off either!

But seriously I thought I would die.

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AceNos Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Here is an Interesting theory: 

The enchiridion is probably not a book (as proven in the episode "The Lich" but a device used to open portals and travel to many dimensions. the Ice crown is not a crown but a "Battery" used to power a larger device from which the enchiridion is to be attached to. the jewels from the princess's tiaras are the power sources. Each one having it's own properties:

Princess Bubblegum: Knowledge of science and technology
Engagement ring princess: Love and matrimonial prosperity
Emerald princess: Wealth and beauty
Hot dog princess: prosperity and humbleness
Embryo princess: Eternal youth
Turtle Princess: power of wisdom
Jungle princess: Bravery and skillfullness
slime princess: Generosity and humility

 Ice king: Magic and otherworldly practices
I think these two artifacts in adventure time probably belonged to an ancient civilization more advanced than the pre-war civilization hinted throughout the show that met a similar end: all out destruction from a massive war and an evil entity (The lich). The surviving groups evolved into humans later on but created those two artifacts as means to prevent a second calamity from ever occurring. Unfortunately humanity cast this down as mere myth and the cycle repeated again in the form of The Great Mushroom War. Finn was allowed to exist because his lineage descended from a genetic program from this ancient civilization that involved creating a being that would survive the horrors of a war that was to come.
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